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Budget 2022

Budget 2022

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong delivered the Singapore Government’s Budget Statement for Financial Year 2022 in Parliament on 18 February 2022. The Charting Our New Way Forward Together Budget presented the Government’s plans in renewing and strengthening Singapore’s social compact for a post-pandemic world, and realising our vision of a fairer, more sustainable, and more inclusive society.

In this section, you can find out more about Budget 2022.

  • Charting Our New Way Forward Together Budget - (Statement icon_pdf639 KB, Annexes 1,941 KB), (Round-up Speech icon_pdf1,690 KB)
  • Analysis of Revenue and Expenditure (icon_pdf793 KB)
  • Revenue and Expenditure Estimates (icon_pdf7,195 KB)

Budget Booklet

  • Charting Our New Way Forward Together Budget 2022 Booklet – [English (E-book, icon_pdf11,659 KB), Chinese (E-book, icon_pdf14,792 KB), Malay (E-book, icon_pdf 11,434 KB), Tamil (E-book, icon_pdf15,982 KB)]

Budget Summaries & Infographics

  • Charting Our New Way Forward Together Budget 2022 One-Page Overview (icon_pdf247 KB)
  • Charting Our New Way Forward Together Budget 2022 Summary Infographic (English icon_pdf1,896 KB | Chinese icon_pdf 2,327 KB | Malay icon_pdf 2,306 KB | Tamil icon_pdf 2,373 KB)

For Families and Individuals

  • Support for Households (English icon_pdf3,971 KB | Chinese icon_pdf 2,199 KB | Malay icon_pdf 2,151 KB | Tamil icon_pdf 2,226 KB)
  • Support for Middle-Income (icon_pdf 1,095 KB)
  • GST Support (icon_pdf 949 KB)
  • Disbursements for FY2022 (icon_pdf 551 KB)


  • Household Support Package FAQs (icon_pdf 239 KB)
  • Assurance Package for GST FAQs (icon_pdf 255 KB)
  • Enhanced Permanent GST Voucher scheme FAQs (icon_pdf 245 KB)

For Businesses and Workers

  • Support for Businesses (English icon_pdf1,218 KB | Chinese icon_pdf 1,433 KB | Malay icon_pdf 1,418 KB | Tamil icon_pdf 1,484 KB)
  • Support for Workers (English icon_pdf2,882 KB | Chinese icon_pdf 2,913 KB | Malay icon_pdf 2,887 KB | Tamil icon_pdf 2,954 KB)

Our Taxes and Transfer System

  • Our Progressive System of Taxes and Benefits (icon_pdf 1,024 KB)
  • A Fairer and More Resilient Tax System (English icon_pdf908 KB | Chinese icon_pdf 1,835 KB | Malay icon_pdf 1,803 KB | Tamil icon_pdf 1,860 KB)

Green Initiatives

  • Sustainability (English icon_pdf829 KB | Chinese icon_pdf 985 KB | Malay icon_pdf 956 KB | Tamil icon_pdf 1,031 KB)

Watch DPM Wong deliver the Budget 2022 statement, as well as videos on key Budget 2022 measures on MOFSpore’s Budget 2022 YouTube playlist.

More Information

Key Budget 2022 Schemes and relevant agencies (icon_pdf239KB)