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Our service standards

We are committed to serve you with Collaborate, Anticipate, Reach Out, and Empathise

In our continual effort to better engage you, we have published our service standards on this website. If we have failed to meet these service standards when dealing with you, please email to and we will look into the issue. If you have contacted us, please refer to the following links to find out when you can expect to hear from us. Thank you.

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Service Standards

Processing of QSM Feedback (Simple) 100% within 3 working days
Processing of QSM Feedback (Complex) 100% within 60 working days (3 months). Interim reply should be sent no later than 3 working days
Processing of Tax-Related Cases For tax-related cases, more time (up to 180 working days) may be needed to process the case, depending on its complexity. Taxpayers are encouraged to furnish the required information fully and as soon as possible, so as to facilitate the timely evaluation of their cases

Time taken to inform candidates of outcome of interview 100% of the candidates informed of the final outcome within 10 working days from the first interview

Supplier Services
Debarment of Contractors (Simple) 100% within 10 working days
Debarment of Contractors (Complex) 100% within 15 working days