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Budget 2021

Budgets of 2021

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat delivered the Singapore Government’s Budget Statement for Financial Year 2021 in Parliament on 16 February 2021. The Emerging Stronger Together Budget presented the Government’s plans to continue to tackle our immediate challenges against a backdrop of the on-going COVID-19 outbreak, as well as building a stronger Singapore.

Subsequently, Minister Lawrence Wong introduced two Ministerial Statements on 5 July 2021 and 26 July 2021 respectively, along with the support measures during Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA), Phase 3 Heightened Alert (P3HA), Stabilisation and Extended Stabilisation Phases, and the transition towards COVID Resilience.

In this section, you can find out more about the Budgets of 2021.

  • Emerging Stronger Together Budget - (Statement icon_pdf664 KB, Annexes 1,164 KB), (Round-up Speech icon_pdf628 KB)
  • 5 July Ministerial Statement - (Statement icon_pdf282 KB, Annexes icon_pdf171 KB)
  • 26 July Ministerial Statement - (Statement icon_pdf137 KB, Annexes icon_pdf678 KB), (Round-up Speech icon_pdf269 KB)
  • Analysis of Revenue and Expenditure (icon_pdf791 KB)
  • Revenue and Expenditure Estimates (icon_pdf6,755 KB)

Budget Booklet

  • Emerging Stronger Together Budget 2021 Booklet – English (E-book, icon_pdf2,8945 KB), Chinese (E-book, icon_pdf3,0224 KB), Malay (E-book, icon_pdf3,0381 KB), Tamil (E-book, icon_pdf3,6370 KB)

Budget Summaries & Infographics

  • Emerging Stronger Together Budget 2021 One-Page Overview (icon_pdf154 KB)
  • Emerging Stronger Together Budget 2021 Summary Infographic (icon_pdf3,488 KB)
  • Covid-19 Resilience Package (icon_pdf1,955 KB)

For Families and Individuals

  • Support for Individuals (icon_pdf 2,210 KB)
  • Household Support Package FAQ (icon_pdf 298 KB)

For Businesses and Workers

  • Budget 2021 Business Booklet (icon_pdf 1,399 KB)
  • Jobs Growth Incentive (icon_pdf 618 KB)

Green Initiatives

  • Singapore Green Plan 2030 (icon_pdf 1,992 KB)
  • Toward Cleaner and Greener Transport (icon_pdf 440 KB)

Support Measures for P2HA, P3HA, Stabilisation Phase, and Transition towards COVID Resilience

  • Support for Workers and Businesses (P2HA) (icon_pdf 5,562 KB)
    • Market and Hawker Stallholders (icon_pdf 2,444 KB)
    • Workers and Businesses (icon_pdf 1,791 KB)
    • Jobs Support Scheme (icon_pdf 4,823 KB)
    • Support for SMEs (icon_pdf 1,625 KB)
  • Additional Support Measures for P2HA, and P3HA (icon_pdf 1,693 KB)
  • Support Measures for Stabilisation Phase (icon_pdf 4,935 KB)
  • Support Measures for Extended Stabilisation Phase (icon_pdf 4,933 KB)
  • Support Measures for Transition towards COVID Resilience

Watch DPM Heng deliver the Budget 2021 statement, and Minister Lawrence delivering the July 2021’s Ministerial Statements; as well as videos on key Budget 2021 measures on MOFSpore’s Budget 2021 YouTube playlist.

More Information

Key Budget 2021 Schemes and relevant agencies (icon_pdf980kb)