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Our reserves are a critical resource for Singapore's future. As a strategic asset, our reserves serve key purposes:

  1. They provide a key defence for Singapore in times of crisis. We cannot tell what crises - natural calamities, pandemics, wars or economic crises - will hit us in future and what the scale of the damage will be. Our reserves are a strategic asset should a major crisis occur, allowing us to mount a decisive and effective response.

  2. The investment of our reserves also provides a valuable stream of income for the Government Budget, which can be spent or invested for the benefit of current as well as future generations.

For more on the Reserves, watch the Channel News Asia documentary, Singapore Reserves Revealed to find out more.

The sections below elaborate on the Government’s reserves management framework:

  1. What comprises the reserves and who manages them?

  2. What is the President's role in safeguarding the reserves?

  3. How do Singaporeans benefit from our Reserves?

  4. Is our CPF money safe? Can the Government pay all its debt obligations?