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Joining MOF

If you’re looking for a rewarding career with a learning attitude and desire to make a difference in the everyday lives of Singaporeans, you might just have landed on the right page.

Working at the Ministry of Finance, you can expect to play an important role in helping to create a stronger and more sustainable future for Singapore. We invite you to step up to the challenge and step right in to find your home in an organisation that caters to diverse interests, skills and knowledge.

Whichever pathway you choose, we’ll give you the support you need to make the most of your life and your career. We do this because our people are our greatest assets.


Explore Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about creating a better Singapore through Finance. Join us to experience a range of interesting portfolios and work in a dynamic team to shape the everyday lives of Singaporeans.

Find out more about our available openings here.



Discover what it is like working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment through an internship with us!

MOF’s structured internship programme, ranging from 4 to 10 weeks, could be your first step into the Public Service to decide your interest area before you embark on your career. 


What can you expect?

You can look forward to working on meaningful and challenging projects that contribute to our mission of creating a better Singapore through Finance. Your internship will include:

  • Working on real case projects relating to the shaping of policies and programmes for our nation
  • Receiving support and regular feedback from your supervisor 
  • Networking opportunities with senior management
  • Having fun and bond with fellow interns and colleagues
  • The opportunity for provisional offer/full-time employment with MOF!


When is the internship period?

  • Structured Internship Programme
    • May – Aug (Minimum of 10 weeks)
    • Apply by end of February


  • December Internship Programme
    • For graduating students
    • Dec – Jan (Minimum of 4 weeks)
    • Apply by end of October


What are the selection criteria?

  • Students from all faculties are welcome to apply
  • Strong passion and belief in our MOF Vision and Mission
  • Excellent achievements and active involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Available for a minimum of 10 weeks in May or 4 weeks in December

Start your career with MOF today! Submit your application via Careers@Gov. 


Hear from Our People

Roxanne’s Story

“Life in MOF is a vibrant and exhilarating journey of growth.”

As an Associate in Security & Resilience Programmes, Roxanne’s key responsibilities include stakeholder management and the co-creation, evaluation and financing of policies and programmes related to the arts, sports and community sectors.

Work & Play Hard Together!

“Life in MOF has brought many enjoyable moments. I started working in MOF during the COVID-19 period, where work-from-home was de rigeur, yet my colleagues have been incredibly welcoming — from Zoom lunches to online game sessions, it was as if we were interacting in the office!

As a young policy officer, there is a steep learning curve in MOF. The work is not only fast-paced but requires one to have analytical breadth and depth in navigating line-ministry and centre-of-government concerns. Nevertheless, MOF has provided many learning opportunities to help me understand the complex considerations in shaping and implementing policies. While intellectually stretched at MOF, I am grateful for supportive mentors and supervisors who helped create a constructive learning environment. MOF built my resilience and grit and alongside driven and motivated  colleagues, I am energised to take each work challenge with gusto!”


Emmalene’s Story

“Work in MOF is dynamic and nurturing.”

As an Associate in Economic Programmes, Emmalene’s key responsibilities included analysing the fiscal/economic costs of measures related to climate mitigation and financing and exploring new ways of funding, e.g. through partnerships with industry, or other financing instruments.

Dynamic Work Life of an MOFer

“In MOF, we need to look at issues from a broad range of perspectives as we are the central ministry that brings agencies and stakeholders together. Things can be quite fast-paced, especially in the lead-up to key announcements. As a centre-of-government, we get to see and appreciate how each policy fits into the overall big picture. When things get intense, teamwork is especially crucial – and I’m thankful that MOF has a strong teamwork culture!

The people in MOF are approachable and nurturing, which is very valuable for someone new to the workplace. MOF colleagues genuinely care about your well-being beyond work, which is really heartening!”


Jen Kiat’s Story

“Work in MOF is fast-paced and meaningful.”

As an Associate in the Economics Programmes, and as a deskhead, Jen Kiat oversees the MOF and Customs portfolios, and his day-to-day work responsibilities include managing Customs policy issues and evaluating MOF’s resourcing needs. As a Budget Directorate Representative, Jen Kiat also coordinates Budget-related work within his directorate during the Budget seasons.

Glimpse of Growing Professionally, Serving the Nation

“The most rewarding part about my job is that it allows me to make a positive difference to fellow Singaporeans through policy work and the management of public finance. Besides the meaningful and challenging day-to-day work, some of my favourite moments in MOF include the organisation-wide sharing sessions and other training opportunities where I can learn and develop myself personally and professionally. Through staff engagement platforms, we are able to have dialogue sessions with our Senior Management Team, and of course, the lunch and cohesions with my work colleagues. I really appreciate the people and opportunities that come along with working in MOF!

As a former intern, I highly recommend an internship with MOF if you are exploring a career with the Public Service - Besides having good exposure to what goes into policy making and Singapore’s overall fiscal picture/strategy, you will enjoy the opportunity to interact and learn from peers and seniors who may very well become your mentors for life!”