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Guide for Applicants

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If you are the owner of non-residential property or a tenant occupying such premises on or after 3 Apr 2020, and you wish to apply for dispute resolution before a Valuation Review Panel (“VRP”), please follow the steps below:

Step 1Engaging with the owner or tenant with whom the dispute arises
Step 2Preparing the necessary information and supporting documents prior to Application
Step 3Lodging an Application through the online form
Step 4

Completing your Application

Step 4A: Payment of Application fee

Step 4B: Serving the Application on the Respondent

Step 4C: Submitting the online Declaration of Service form

Step 5Receiving the Response
Step 6Lodging a Reply (optional)
Step 7Complying with directions from the VRP
Step 8Attending a hearing (only if the VRP considers it necessary)
Step 9Receiving the VRP’s determination


The above steps are intended as a guide for bringing an Application to a VRP. This does not mean that all proceedings before a VRP will progress in the same way. A VRP has the power to direct proceedings as it thinks fit, and to summarily dismiss an Application at any stage of the proceedings in certain situations (e.g. if it considers that the Application discloses no valid grounds of dispute, or if the Applicant is not a person entitled to lodge an Application under section 30(2) of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act). In addition, please note that parties to an Application who are able to agree on terms to settle all or any part of the proceedings may at any stage request the VRP to make a consent order—although the VRP retains the discretion to refuse or vary such settlement terms.

Please note: This guide seeks to outline the steps potential Applicants need to take, in a clear and simple manner. It does not have the force of law. If you wish to refer to the relevant legislative provisions, please see the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Valuation Review Panel) Regulations 2020.

Check-List for Completion of Application
Please check that you have completed the following steps:Timelines to note:
1. Lodged your Application form on MOF website-
2. Made payment of Application fee ($60)Upon submission of Application
3. Served the complete Application form on the RespondentWithin 5 working days of Application
4. Submitted the Declaration of Service form on MOF websiteWithin 2 working days of service