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Opening Speech by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Finance at IE Singapore-Capitaland Tech and Innovation Summit, Beijing, China

24 Nov 2017

女士们 先生们

1.    我很荣幸今天能够参加中新科技创新大会,也很高兴能与各位共同见证彼此合作和创新的成果。

2.    我刚走过展示区时,看到了不少初次见到的概念和方案,感觉非常新鲜。北京确实是一个适宜创新,发挥想象空间的地方。 这也是新加坡国际企业发展局与凯德集团决定在北京举办这次创新大会的原因。

3.    中国的创新领域充满活力。 新加坡国际企业发展局在中国市场建立了合作网络, 以便将新加坡企业的科技创新带入中国市场。这样一来,企业也能接触更多新的思维和资源, 精益求精。同时, 凯德集团意识到中国社会创新的潜力,积极寻找新点子,为顾客 制订新方案。

4.    新中两国在创新方面有很多合作的可能性。在中共十九大会议上,中国国家主席习近平也谈到创新对国家发展的重要。创新的精神在中国已经贯彻到地方政府,比如说他们努力推行研究成果 商业化。 创新的目的是为了让人民的生活更加美好。

5.    中国的创新生态充满潜能和动力。我们务必将不同领域的人才汇聚一堂。他们互相合作,切磋意见,从而共创新颖的方案。这也正是成立全球创新联盟(北京)的宗旨。所以,我很高兴能在今天和大家一同正式启动这个联盟。接下来,我用英语发言。

Launch of GIA Beijing 

6.    I am very happy to join you today to launch the Global Innovation Alliance (Beijing). The Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) seeks to strengthen linkages between Singapore students and enterprises with leading innovation hubs around the world.

7.    This is achieved through a network of alliances and partnerships to create more opportunities for tertiary students, entrepreneurs and business leaders to gain overseas experience; as well as connect and collaborate with overseas partners. For tertiary students, our institutes of higher learning will be sending more students to China, for them to make valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs and innovators – out of these connections, many great ideas and new businesses can emerge. Start-ups and entrepreneurs can link up with resources here, such as accelerators, incubators, co-working space, venture capitalists, and investment funds. Large companies are able to actively bring on board new technologies and innovative solutions from around the world through our partners’ networks.

8.    IE Singapore also recently signed Memoranda of Understanding with NTUitive, tech media 36Kr (pronounced as “36 ke4”), and accelerator AIRmaker to help curate Singapore start-ups and new technology to leverage local networks and innovate for the Chinese market. We will also have a co-working space in Beijing to welcome entrepreneurs and investors from both sides to come together, strengthening the connections between Singapore and the dynamic Chinese innovation ecosystem.

9.    Today’s event is a good platform made possible by GIA Beijing and CapitaLand to display the innovative solutions sourced from both Singapore and China.

10.    I’m glad to know that 3 of our promising start-ups have been chosen to pitch on stage with 6 other Chinese startups later. Congratulations too to the 100 more Singapore and Chinese startups who took part in the earlier rounds – I trust you found the experience inspiring and that you will persist in your innovation efforts. With this, I wish all of you success ahead.