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Speech by Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister in Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Finance and Transport, at Junior Chamber International The Outstanding Young Persons Award Gala Dinner, 4 November 2009 at Raffles City Convention Centre

04 Nov 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen


1. Good Evening. I am happy to be here at this year’s Junior Chamber International (JCI) The Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards Ceremony.

2. JCI is a worldwide organization of young leaders and entrepreneurs.  The organization has made a positive contribution to the advancement of the global community by providing opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurial spirit.

3. In this regard, the Orchid Jayceettes of Singapore, the hosting chapter for TOYP, has provided many good opportunities for its members to further their personal development and management training in order to become responsible future leaders in society and business.

Recognising Significant Contributions

4. The Outstanding Young Persons Award seeks to accord recognition to young Singaporeans, between the age of 21 and 40, who have displayed great potential for development and at the same time, made commendable and significant contributions to the advancement or welfare of the community.

5. Since its inception 25 years ago, this award has been given to honour a few individuals annually. Thus, I am delighted to know that the JCI is giving out 15 awards from nine categories this year- a record as I understand. It is especially heartening to know that in times of financial uncertainty, people still care enough to try to make a difference not just for themselves, but also for the general well being of the community in their respective ways.

6. One of the awardees tonight, Dr Arif Tyebally is a pediatrician whose passion in helping children led him to selflessly volunteer his services for several disaster missions. He believes that helping other with his skills would be more meaningful than donating money.

7. Another award recipient, Miss Sharon Liew, devoted herself to nurturing young dancers. She believes that through teaching and instilling the discipline of dance, youths will learn how to be focus on their goals and yet be less self-centered and contribute more to the community.

8. Dr Lisa Ng studied extensively on viral diseases in an effort to help strengthen the public health systems and made significant scientific contributions to the genome field with her research work.

9. Entrepreneur Mr Ryan Lee set up his own company with a three hundred thousand dollar-loan and developed a product that is now sold in about sixty countries around the world.

10. Amongst the recipients, there are also dedicated and talented researchers and medical professionals who have fared well and contributed much to research and science. There are outstanding youths who stand for raising global awareness of various cultures have helped mark Singapore on the global film scene, nurtured other talents, volunteered for humanitarian missions, and championed worthy causes like child safety and saving the environment.

11. Margaret Mead, an anthropologist, once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” One does not need an army of people, nor a lot of money to contribute to the community.  Everyone of this group of thoughtful, committed citizens has begun  with almost nothing but an individual effort that is sparked off by passion.


12. The JCI creed reads, “Service to humanity is the best work of life.” As I congratulate the 15 awardees and the The Outstanding Young Persons Award Honoree this evening and urge them to keep up their good work, I would also like to encourage every one of you here to put your passion to good use and do your part in contributing to the community.

13. I also want to congratulate the organizing chapter of JCI, the Orchid Jayceettes of Singapore, on the successful Awards Ceremony tonight. I hope you will continue to lead the members to even greater heights!

14. May you all enjoy this evening’s event and bring back with you many pleasant memories.

15. Thank you.