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Tender bids can now be submitted online - Over $7.5B worth of business opportunities accessible via GeBIZ

23 Jul 2003

Tender transactions with the Singapore Government can now be done online, through an electronic Invitation-To-Tender (ITT) system. The ITT system is the latest addition to the Singapore Government's e-commerce web portal - the Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ).

Developed by the Defence Science & Technology Agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Infocomm Development Authority, government agencies can now choose to publish and request for electronic response to tenders.

GeBIZ trading partners can look forward to accessing more than 10,000 business opportunities worth a total of $7.5 billion from some 140 government agencies.

The launch of the ITT system will change the way suppliers do business with the Singapore Government. Those who have signed up as GeBIZ trading partners are not only able to download tender documents, but are also able to submit tender bids and supporting documents online, anytime, anywhere.

This saves them time as well as costs, since documents need not be printed and delivered to the designated tender counters as practised previously. Trading partners also need not pay the administrative fee of $15-$100 each time they collect tender documents.

Those who have not signed up with GeBIZ can only view the list of government tender publications but will not have the benefit of transacting online. To sign up as a GeBIZ trading partner, suppliers can go to


The Government Electronic Business - GeBIZ

The Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ), Singapore's premier e-commerce web portal (, has been facilitating procurement and revenue tender activities between the Singapore government and her local and overseas suppliers since June 2000.

GeBIZ is developed by the Defence Science & Technology Agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Infocomm Development Authority. It fully supports the entire procurement life cycle between all government agencies and the suppliers electronically.

GeBIZ provides the suppliers with a one-stop shop to business opportunities with some 140 government agencies. They will also save both time and cost in their submissions of tenders and quotations, which can now be done online, anytime, anywhere.

As part of the drive to encourage suppliers to bid online, MOF has waived the GeBiz trading partner subscription fee for this year. In addition, suppliers who register as GeBIZ trading partners before the end of 2003 will enjoy a 10% discount in subscription rates for the following year.

Benefits as GeBIZ Trading Partners

  • Have a convenient one-stop portal to locate all Singapore Government's business opportunities.
  • Are able to view all tender notices, including tender qualifications, auction and request for information etc., tender schedules and tender awards online. They can also respond to these business opportunities over the internet- ensuring maximum ease and convenience of doing business online.
  • Can download tender documents electronically- hence saving time. They need not pay the administrative charges of $15-$100 for a copy of tender specifications.
  • Can respond and upload supporting documents onto the system electronically. The printing of proposals and supporting documents is no longer required.
  • Will trade on a fair, transparent and secure system. Submitted bids will remain encrypted until the tender is closed, and buyers are only allowed to view them thereafter. The system also automatically blocks out tender bids submitted after the closing date.

What's next

The following briefing has been scheduled to allow suppliers to find out more about the new GeBIZ ITT System and its benefits.

Topic: GeBIZ Suppliers' Briefing
Venue: Civil Service College
Date: 12 August 2003 (Tuesday)
Time: 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm (4 sessions)

For more details, log on to or email to