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More Than 780,000 HDB Households To Receive $125 Million Of Utility Rebates In 2009

29 Dec 2008

1. More than 780,000 eligible HDB households will receive $125 million worth of Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebates in 2009. The rebates will be given out in January and July 2009.

2. Households will receive between $70 and $210 worth of U-Save rebates, depending on flat type. The 2009 schedule of U-Save rebates is shown below:

Schedule of U-Save rebates for 2009:


HDB flat type






Executive Flats

U-Save Rebates

$110 (Jan 09)

$110 (Jan 09)

$100 (Jan 09)

$95 (Jan 09)

$60 (Jan 09)

$40 (Jan 09)

$100 (Jul 09)

$100 (Jul 09)

$90 (Jul 09)

$85 (Jul 09)

$50 (Jul 09)

$30 (Jul 09)








Note: The full disbursement schedule for the five year package can be found in Annex A (icon_pdf53 KB).

3. The U-Save rebates are part of the $4 billion GST Offset Package announced in Budget 2007 to help Singaporeans, especially low and middle-income households, cope with the GST increase in July 2007.

4. The U-Save rebates will cost the Government approximately $620 million[1] over 5 years (FY2007-FY2011).

5. U-Save rebates will be used to offset utility charges directly. The amount of U-Save rebates will be reflected in the utility bills for January and July 2009 for all eligible households. For more information on U-Save rebates, the public can call SP Services at 1800-2222-333.


[1]Afternote: As announced by the Prime Minister on 17 August 2008, eligible households received an additional U-Save rebate payout in November 2008, which represents a 50% increase in the total amount of U-Save rebates given out in Fiscal Year (FY) 2008. This will raise the cost of the U-Save to approximately $620m over five years.