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MOF Invites Views and Suggestions for Budget 2024

04 Dec 2023

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The Ministry of Finance (MOF) invites Singaporeans to share their views for the upcoming Budget 2024, which is scheduled to be presented in February 2024. Individuals, organisations, and businesses can do so from today until 26 January 2024.

2.   Singaporeans can provide their suggestions for the coming Budget through several channels over a seven-week period, on themes such as developing a competitive and sustainable economy with good jobs for all, forging a strong social compact, and building a secure and resilient nation. The topics can be found in Annex A.

Feedback Channel

Contact Details

Singapore Budget Website

REACH Budget 2024 Microsite

REACH Singapore Facebook

REACH Singapore Instagram

PA Ask Kopi Kakis #shareyourviews Webpage


3.   REACH will be conducting a physical Listening Point. The People’s Association (PA) and its grassroots organisations will also reach out to Singaporeans via digital Ask Kopi Kakis #shareyourviews engagement platforms and physical touchpoints at the heartlands to seek their views and suggestions for Budget 2024. Details of the REACH Budget engagements can be found on the REACH Budget 2024 microsite, while details of the Ask Kopi Kakis #shareyourviews engagement can be found on the PA webpage listed above.  

Annex A: Themes & Questions

Developing a Competitive and Sustainable Economy with Good Jobs for All

We need a strong economy to have good jobs and meet Singaporeans’ aspirations. As a small and open economy, Singapore needs to be nimble and responsive to changes in the global economy. At the same time, Singapore has to manage constraints, including an ageing population and the need for decarbonisation to address our climate commitments and the existential threat posed by climate change.

1. How can Singapore remain an attractive investment destination amidst a more competitive global economy?

2. How can Singapore play to our strengths to seize emerging growth opportunities?

3. How can we support our local businesses to transform, innovate and position themselves well for the future economy?

4. How can we support every worker to stay relevant and secure good jobs in a fast-changing world?

Forging a Strong Social Compact

Singaporeans have come together through the Forward Singapore exercise to discuss how to refresh our social compact. We will harness our collective ideas and efforts to deliver more assurance for Singaporeans, and forge a stronger society where everyone can flourish and thrive.

1. How can we build stronger families, and support them through every stage of life?

2. How can we empower our seniors to lead a fulfilling life in their golden years?

3. How can each of us, including the Government, businesses, and civil society, help to uplift and empower vulnerable Singaporeans among us?

Building a Secure and Resilient Nation

We are living in an increasingly volatile and uncertain time. To navigate the progressively turbulent world and succeed, we must stand together, united by our Singapore identity.

1. How can each of us play a part to keep Singapore safe and secure?

2. What are some ways in which we can collectively strengthen our sense of belonging and unity?

3. How do we balance between supporting the most immediate and pressing needs of Singaporeans and planning for the long-term, so that society progresses together towards a shared future?

Issued by
Ministry of Finance, REACH, and People’s Association
4 December 2023