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Unclaimed Monies Website

30 Nov 2004

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) today launched a central unclaimed monies website for government agencies to post their unclaimed monies records.

2 These unclaimed monies are monies held by government agencies which Government would like to return but have not been able to do so because agencies have not been able to contact the owners at their last known addresses. There are various categories of unclaimed monies such as tender deposits, deposits as ordered by the Courts and foreign worker levy bonds.

2. The website ( lists names of companies/individuals, information on the last known address, the categories of unclaimed monies as well as contact details of the government agency's officer whom prospective claimants can approach. Any individual or company with a potential claim to some unclaimed monies with government agencies can go to the website, type in his name and conduct a search.

3. For public agencies which already have or will have their own websites such as the Supreme Court and the Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office (IPTO), the central website will also provide a hyperlink to these registers, thereby facilitating information search by prospective claimants.

4. Prospective claimants who wish to apply for refund of their unclaimed monies should approach the relevant government agency as listed in the website. The claimant will need to prove to the agency that they are indeed the rightful owner of the unclaimed monies.

5 This unclaimed monies website will be operational from today, 30 November 2004.