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The Budget Quiz 2013 is now on! Challenge yourself to see how much you know about MOF and the annual budget!

02 Jan 2013

   Do you know how much the Government has committed to the GST Voucher Scheme in Budget 2012? How about the modifications to elder-proof one’s home that qualify for subsidies under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) Programme?

2. These are just some of the questions that will be asked in Budget Quiz 2013, which begins today on the Budget 2013 website (

3. Organised by the Ministry of Finance, Budget Quiz 2013 aims to increase awareness and understanding of the annual budget process, initiatives announced at the Budget and the considerations behind the formulation of key social, economic and tax policies.

4. The quiz will run for four weeks, starting this week, until 29 Jan 2013. Comprising 10 questions per week, there are no limits on the number of attempts for the weekly quizzes. Participants who get all 10 questions correct will be eligible for a weekly lucky draw, where ten winners will each receive $20 worth of prizes.

5. A Final Quiz which will be launched from 30 January 2013 to 17 February 2013. In this Final Quiz, participants are only allowed one attempt and the top 5 scorers stand to win $200 worth of prizes each. Budget Quiz 2013 will also have an additional schools component where students can win prizes for their school by accumulating the highest total score with their schoolmates. Top scorers in both the school and individual category will be featured in a “Hall of Fame” on the Budget 2013 website.

6. Budget Quiz 2013 is open to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. More details can be found at

2 JANUARY 2013