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Singaporeans To Receive Second Payment Of 2009 GST Credits And Senior Citizens' Bonus On 1 July

17 Jun 2009

In Budget 2009, the Government announced that it would double the GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus that Singaporeans would receive this year, to help households cope with the economic downturn. In total, Singaporeans will receive over $1.1 billion in GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus this year. These payments are in addition to the other benefits[1] Singaporeans will receive in 2009.

2. The first payment of GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus was made on 1 March 2009. The second payment will be made on 1 July 2009.

3. Singaporeans who have signed up for the GST Credits/Senior Citizens' Bonus Scheme will automatically receive their July payout. 97% of adult Singaporeans have done so. They do not need to sign up again.

4. Singaporeans who have not signed up can still do so to receive their 2009 payouts. They can sign up via the following channels:

a. Online at
b. Through hardcopy forms[2].

Citizens can visit or call 1800-2222-888 to check on their sign-up status.

Singaporeans who sign up by 21 June 2009 (for hardcopy sign-up) or 23 June 2009 (for online sign-up) will receive their payouts by 1 July 2009. Singaporeans have up to 31 Dec 2009 to sign-up for their 2009 payouts of GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus.

5. More details on the sign up and payment dates can be found here.

6. As with previous years, MOF is engaging grassroots leaders so that they can help reach out to the elderly and low-income Singaporeans, including visiting them to help them sign up for their GST Credits. So far, 97% of those living in 1-3 room HDB flats have signed up.

7. Singaporeans who need additional help can approach their Community Development Councils (CDCs), Family Service Centres or grassroots leaders. Singaporeans can also call the ComCare Call helpline at 1800-2220-000 for further assistance.


[1] The other benefits Singaporean households will receive in 2009 include U-Save, Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) and rental rebates, property tax and personal income tax rebates, Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) including the WIS Special Payment, and top-ups to Post Secondary Education Accounts (PSEA).

[2] Sign-up forms are available at all Community Centres, Community Development Council offices and CPF Service Centres