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Sign Up For Progress Package Via ATM By 31 May

28 May 2006

1. Singaporeans who have not signed up for their Progress Package and would like to do so using the ATMs should do so by 31 May 2006.

2. After 31 May 2006, Singaporeans can still sign up for the Progress Package through the Progress Package website Alternatively, they can collect a form at any post office, Community Centre/Community Development Council office or CPF Service Centre and submit it to the CPF Board. They will have to sign up by 31 December 2006 to receive the Progress Package.

3. 2.17 million Singaporeans have signed up to receive their Progress Package thus far. Of these Singaporeans, about 50% have signed up using the internet, about 40% have used the ATMs, and about 10% have used hard copy forms.

4. For more information on the Progress Package, the public can visit the Progress Package website at or call the CPF Board at 1800-2222-888.