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Sign Up For 2009 GST Credits By 31 December 2009

03 Dec 2009

1. Singaporeans will have till 31 December 2009 to sign up for their 2009 GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus.

2. As of 1 November 2009, over 2.37 million (or 97%) of the 2.43 million eligible Singaporeans have signed up to receive their GST Credits. This is comparable to the sign-up rates of recent schemes such as the Progress Package and Economic Restructuring Shares.

3. The Government would like to urge Singaporeans who have not signed up to do so quickly.

Sign-Up Via Internet or Forms

4. Singaporeans can sign up using the following ways:

a) through the internet, at

b) by filling up the GST/1 form available at any CC, CDC or CPF Service Centre. All forms should reach CPF Board no later than 31 December 2009.

5. If you wish to donate your GST Credits, you may do so via the abovementioned website.

6. Those who do not sign up by 31st December 2009 will still be eligible for next year’s GST Credits, but there will be no retrospective payment of the 2007, 2008 and 2009 GST Credits and Senior Citizens' Bonus.

7. To find out if you have already signed up for GST Credits or for more information on the GST Offset Package, please visit, or call 1800-2222-888.

3 December 2009