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Press Release For Launch Of FY2006 Budget Website

20 Jan 2006


The Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, will deliver the FY2006 Budget Statement in Parliament on Friday, 17 February 2006. Singaporeans can now visit the Budget 2006 Website to give their suggestions for Budget 2006.

2. Budget is about making choices, each with its own tradeoffs. What are our national priorities? How do we balance competing, and often equally compelling, needs? Singaporeans can learn more about the difficult trade-offs that have to be made through "Voice Your Choice", a web-based tool which allows them to set spending priorities and find out if they are running a budget surplus, balance or deficit. Singaporeans can also give their suggestions on Budget 2006 through "If You were the Finance Minister", a feedback forum.

3. In addition, the Budget 2006 Website provides the following features:

a) Online subscription for 2006 Budget Statement: Members of the public can request for the Budget Speech to be emailed to them once the Prime Minister has delivered it in Parliament.

b) Live Web cast on Budget Day: Viewers can watch the Prime Minister deliver the Budget Statement through the "live" Internet web cast. This should be particularly helpful for Singaporeans overseas. The Budget Speech will also be uploaded progressively on the Budget Website as the Prime Minister delivers his statement.

c) Household Benefits Calculator from Budget Day: Singaporeans can get a sense of the total benefits their families can receive by using the Household Benefits Calculator after the Budget Statement.

4. Members of the public can visit the Budget 2006 Website at