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Pensioner's Portal Gives Over 30,000 Pensioners Access to Personal Pension Data

16 Apr 2007

From today (16 April), over 30,000 Singapore government pensioners can check their pension-related information anytime, by simply accessing the Internet-based Pensioner's Portal launched by the Accountant-General's Department (AGD).

Key Features of Pensioner's Portal

2. The new Portal enables pensioners to:

(i) Make online enquiries of pension-related information
Pensioners can now access their monthly Pension Advice to find out how much pension and reimbursement for medical bills they will be receiving each month. They can also view the healthcare bills that they have incurred at Government Restructured Hospitals and Polyclinics.

(ii) Update their contact details
In the past, pensioners had to call or write to the Pensions Branch to update their contact information. The Portal enables them to do their own updating online.

(iii) Receive email alerts
Pensioners can also opt for the new email alert services for their Pension Advice or any other updates.

3. Pensioners without a computer at home need not feel left out. They can access the Portal at any of the 27 CitizenConnect Centres at the Community Centres. A list of these Centres is available at

Increasing convenience for those who visit private clinics

4. Also from today, pensioners would find it more convenient to visit private clinics. This is because the AGD is extending the civil service medical billing system, MBS@Gov, which simplifies the medical claims process, to pensioners as well. Until now, pensioners had to submit hard-copy receipts to the Pensions Branch for visits to private medical and dental clinics to obtain a reimbursement of the co-payment portion from the Government. The reimbursement would then be included in the following month's pension payment. Last year alone, about 10,000 pensioners submitted over 40,000 medical and dental claims for reimbursement.

5. With MBS@Gov, pensioners only need to show their Public Service card to receive treatment and pay their portion of the healthcare bill at the participating clinics. In other words, they do not have to pay more than their share of the bill upfront and wait to be reimbursed. The reimbursement of the Government's share will be automated and facilitated by the clinics. Over 600 medical clinics are participating in the MBS@Gov programme today. These clinics display the blue MBS@Gov sticker. A list of the participating clinics is available at the Pensioner's Portal at