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PPP Forum for Private Sector

13 Sep 2004

The Ministry of Finance is holding a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Forum for the private sector on 6 October 2004 from 9.30am to 12.30pm. The Forum is open to anyone from the private sector (please see Annex for details).

2. The PPP Handbook will be launched at the Forum. It incorporates feedback from industry and members of the public during a six-week public consultation. The Handbook serves as a guide for private sector providers and public sector agencies, helping them understand how to structure and manage PPP projects successfully.

3. Participants at the Forum can expect to:

(a) Gain a better understanding of the government's direction in PPP, the rationale and benefits of PPP to Singapore, and the private and public sectors;
(b) Get insights on the PPP procurement process to help the private sector understand how PPP procurement will be conducted, and
(c) Get a head start in PPP awareness so that they can gear up to participate in the projects and take advantage of possible business opportunities.

4. A highlight of the Forum will be a session with Ms Olivia Lum, Group CEO and President of the Hyflux Group, on her experience in clinching the PUB Water Desalination Project. There will also be a panel Question and Answer session.



What is PPP?

PPP refers to a long-term partnership between the public and private sectors to deliver public services. With PPP, the public sector will focus on acquiring services on a cost-effective basis from the private sector, which would own and operate the assets needed to provide the services. The Ministry of Finance has drafted a PPP Handbook which is currently available for public consultation. The deadline for all public feedback is 15 September 2004.

Details of the forum

Date : 6 October 2004 (Wednesday)
Time : 9.30am to 12.30pm
Venue : Level 4, Raffles City Convention Centre
Fee : $50 per participant
(inclusive of GST and a copy of the PPP Handbook)

Individuals interested in the PPP forum can visit the MOF website at for registration details.

Alternatively, they can register with the following:

Ms Cheong Mei Ling at Tel: 68741709

Ms Zalina at Tel: 68741850