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MOF invites Public to Participate in the Budget 2012 Feedback Exercise

01 Dec 2011

The Budget 2012 website ( was launched today with a Feedback Exercise aimed at garnering public views’ ahead of Budget 2012. Through this exercise, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) wants to reach out to Singaporeans and businesses, receive their feedback on issues and suggestions relating to taxes and public spending for Budget 2012.

2. MOF will also organise the online Budget Quiz and the Budget Challenge, which received overwhelming response from the public and schools respectively this year. Through such engaging activities, MOF hopes to increase awareness of the Budget process and public financing issues. The activities will also provide an interactive way for Singaporeans to experience the challenges that the Government faces in managing and allocating our limited resources.

Budget 2012 OutREACH efforts

a. Feedback Exercise

MOF, in partnership with REACH, welcomes views and suggestions on issues which the public feels are relevant for Budget 2012. The channels made available include new media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as discussion forums on REACH'[s budget microsite (, among others. From 6th to 7th Dec 2011, the public may share their views at the REACH roving exhibition at the National Library Building (Victoria Street). Other feedback channels on REACH include:

- REACH Budget micro website
- REACH Singapore Twitter
- SMS to 9-SPEAK-UP (9-77325-87)
- REACH Singapore Facebook
- Email (
- Toll-Free Hotline at 1800 3535555

b. Budget Quiz 2012

Covering themes ranging from budget process, economic tax and social policies, seven mini weekly quizzes will be held every Wednesday on the Budget 2012 website at ( starting from 4 January 2012. Participants will stand to win prizes each week if they answer all the questions correctly. Participants who answer all questions correctly from the seven rounds of quizzes will also be able to participate in the grand lucky draw.

c. Budget Challenge 2012

The competition will engage participants through presentation and forum style debates with exposure to public policy and financing issues, as well as parliamentary procedures.

To expand outreach and encourage greater participation from the youth, Budget Challenge 2012 will be open to University and polytechnic students. This is in addition to students from junior colleges, Millennia Institute and those in the last two years of their integrated programmes. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.

3. More details of the feedback exercise and the Budget outreach activities are available at the Budget 2012 website.