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If I Were The Finance Minister Simulation Game Launched By MOF

05 Feb 2007

1. MOF has launched a new simulation game called "If I Were The Finance Minister". It provides a hands-on experience for members of the public to understand the impact and consequences of choices made when designing the Budget. We hope that through this game, the public, including our young, can better appreciate the trade-offs which have to be made when addressing Singapore's fiscal challenges. The game aims to interest and involve them in thinking about the country's priorities and how those priorities can be financed from different tax combinations.

2. This year's game is a significant enhancement over previous versions entitled "Voice Your Choice". Charts and graphics are updated in real-time to illustrate the fiscal position. For an added dose of realism, players can experience the effects of unexpected fiscal shocks, e.g a flu pandemic or economic boom, and formulate a response to these scenarios.

3. Members of the public can access the game via the Singapore Budget website at