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FY 2005 Budget Website

07 Feb 2005

The Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, will deliver the FY2005 Budget Statement in Parliament on Friday, 18 February 2005.

2 Live Telecast, Broadcast and Webcast. The Budget Speech will be telecast "live" over Channel NewsAsia, with Chinese translation on dual-sound mode, and broadcast "live" by NewsRadio 93.8. There will be a "live" Internet webcast at the FY2005 Budget website at The Budget Statement will also be uploaded progressively on the Budget website as PM delivers his statement.

3 Online Subscription. In the meantime, members of the public can visit the FY2005 Budget website from today to place an online request for the Budget Statement to be emailed to them once PM has delivered it in Parliament.

4 "Voice Your Choice". Budgets are about choices. Members of the public can have a go at the web-based tool, called "Voice Your Choice", to make their choices - what should we spend on, and how much; how should we finance our expenditures = and see whether these choices result in a budget surplus, balance, or deficit.

5 Household Benefits Calculator. Members of the public can also get a sense of what benefits their family can get in FY2005. They can check the Household Benefits Calculator on the Budget website after the Budget Speech and calculate the benefits that their households may receive arising from measures announced in the Budget Statement.