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Extension Of The Green Vehicle Rebates for CNG Vehicles To 31 December 2012

03 Oct 2011

The Green Vehicle Rebate (GVR) scheme for new compressed natural gas (CNG) and bi-fuel (CNG/Petrol) vehicles will be extended for another year to 31 December 2012.

2      The GVR for CNG and CNG/Petrol vehicles was to end on 31 December 2011. MOF has considered feedback from the public requesting for the GVR scheme for these vehicles to expire together with the GVR scheme for other green vehicles1 on 31 December 2012, and in consultation with MOT and MEWR, decided to grant this one-year extension.

3      Under the GVR scheme, new CNG and bi-fuel (CNG/Petrol) vehicles are eligible for rebates equivalent to:

  • 40% of the vehicle's Open Market Value (OMV) for CNG and bi-fuel (CNG/Petrol) passenger cars, and
  • 5% of the vehicle’s OMV for CNG and bi-fuel (CNG/Petrol) buses and commercial vehicles.

The rebate, which will now be applicable until 31 December 2012, can be used to offset the Additional Registration Fee (ARF) payable at registration.

4      More information on the GVR scheme can be obtained from the National Environment Agency's website (


1These green vehicles include electric and petrol-electric hybrid vehicles.