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Economy Drive In the Public Sector for Fiscal Year 2006

03 Jul 2007

Economy Drive saves the Government $559m in FY06

Public agencies have together achieved savings of $559 million under the Economy Drive (ED) initiative in FY 06 (i.e. from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007). This represents 1.68% of the agencies' total cash budget.

2. The central ED message for FY06 continues to be "Save where you can, spend where you need". Much of the ED efforts revolved around simplifying requirements, standardising to minimize costly customisation, and synergising to share resources and avoid duplication. Examples of some ED efforts of public officers are at Annex A.

Public Feedback to Cut Waste Panel

3. Separately, public feedback to Cut Waste Panel has resulted in once-off savings of $8.7m and recurrent annual savings of $2.9m. The Cut Waste Panel (CWP), is chaired by Head Civil Service and comprises representatives from the private and people sectors. Since the launch of the CWP in September 2003, the CWP has received 3,310 suggestions (as at 15 May 2007) on cutting waste in the public sector. The public agencies agreed with the majority (i.e. 85% or 2,813) of the cut-waste suggestions. The remaining 15% (or 497 suggestions) were found not suitable for implementation. Examples of Accepted CWP Suggestions in FY06 are at Annex B.

4. Of those accepted, 96% (or 2,710 suggestions) were already implemented by the agencies. The remaining 4% (or 103 suggestions) are in the process of implemention or will be implemented soon.

5. More details of the public suggestions received by the CWP can be found at