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Crime Library's Appeal for Public Donations to the 'Patriotism Fund'

09 Mar 2009

The Ministry of Finance has been made aware of a posting on Crime Library (Singapore)'s website for the public to donate money to help the Government to meet future economic crises.

We are encouraged by this spirit of rallying Singaporeans to help out during this downturn. However, the Singapore Government has been prudent in our spending over the years and has the means and enough savings to help see us through this crisis. Hence, Singaporeans should instead direct their efforts and donations towards helping the less fortunate in our society.

During this economic downturn, there are more Singaporeans who would require assistance in various forms. Additional help is being extended by the various government agencies, VWOs, grassroots leaders and the community under our long-standing 'Many Helping Hands' approach of integrating these bodies into a comprehensive social safety network. In line with this approach, there are several existing Funds that Singaporeans can donate to for this purpose.