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Appointment of New Board Chairman - Singapore Totalisator Board

26 Nov 2012

1. Mr Moses Lee will be appointed as Board Chairman of Singapore Totalisator Board (“Tote Board”) with effect from 1 January 2013, succeeding Mr Bobby Chin, who has been the Board Chairman of Tote Board since 1 January 2006.

Mr Bobby Chin

2. Mr Bobby Chin has led the Tote Board for seven years. He has provided outstanding leadership to the Board, expanding and strengthening its programmes to better serve the community.

2. Under his stewardship, Mr Chin expanded the scope and funding for the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund and Tote Board Social Service Fund. Both funds aim to benefit less fortunate groups in the community. In addition, Mr Chin extended strong support towards Special Education (SPED) schools through the provision of the Arts Grant, Computer Audio Visual Grant and funding for prototype projects.

3. Mr Chin’s proactive approach and passion to meet the needs of the social service sector led to the setting up of Tote Board’s first social enterprise, Caring Fleet Services Ltd, in 2010. Caring Fleet Services Ltd aims to provide affordable transportation for wheelchair users in Singapore. The Social Enterprise (SE) Hub Ltd was also established in 2011 to invest in other promising social enterprises. In addition, the MicroCredit Business Scheme (MCBS) was launched to help low income or unemployed Singaporeans start or expand a micro business.

4. To build up capabilities in the non-profit and social services sector, Tote Board introduced the Tote Board Lecture Series and Case Study workshops during Mr Chin’s term. Top leaders and middle management in these sectors were also given the opportunity to further their professional development through various programmes such as the Overseas Scholarship Programme and the Non-Profit Management Programme for the 21st Century (NPM21).

5. The Tote Board achieved significant accolades under Mr Chin’s leadership – the 2011 International Olympic Committee Trophy – “Sport and Social Responsibility” – which recognised Tote Board’s holistic contribution to sport and the community; the Community Chest Pinnacle Award (2009) and the Community Chest Corporate Platinum Award (2006 to 2012).

Mr Moses Lee

6. Mr Moses Lee has been a board member of Tote Board since April 2012. In his new role as the Board Chairman, Mr Lee will lead Tote Board in building a strong community though the making of social investments and funding worthy causes, and in ensuring that Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club conduct their gaming operations professionally and in a socially responsible manner. Mr Lee served as Commissioner of Inland Revenue and Chief Executive Officer of Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore from July 2005 to October 2012. Under his stewardship, IRAS attained a higher standard of professional and service excellence, provided many customer-centric services and reduced taxpayers’ compliance costs. It also made its mark internationally as a leading tax authority.

7. The Ministry of Finance and Tote Board welcome Mr Moses Lee and express their deep appreciation to outgoing Chairman, Mr Bobby Chin, for his numerous significant contributions to Tote Board. 

Ministry of Finance
26 November 2012