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Parliamentary Replies

Tracking Targeted Outcomes Not Met Under Grants Governance Framework and Average Returns

28 Feb 2024

Parliamentary Question by Ms See Jinli Jean:

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance since the introduction of the grants governance framework in 2020 (a) what is the number and proportion of economic and social grants disbursed under the framework that did not meet their targeted outcomes; (b) how does the framework require accountability from these grant disbursing agencies; and (c) for grants that met the targeted outcomes, what was the monetary value of the average return on grant.

Parliamentary Reply by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong:

MOF’s grants governance framework sets out rules and provides guidance on the grants management process – from grant design, approval and disbursement, to monitoring and anomaly detection. It emphasises the importance of proper planning and risk management, to ensure effective use of public funds and to safeguard against fraud and abuse.

While this framework provides central guidance over the grants management process, individual grant-giving ministries and agencies are ultimately responsible for setting out objectives and outcomes, instituting appropriate control measures, as well as monitoring the performance of the schemes under their management.

The relevant ministries will track the intended outcomes from their respective schemes, and will be able to provide more information, if there is interest to find out more.