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Parliamentary Replies

Enhancing Assurance Package Assistance for Low-Income and Vulnerable Families

02 Jul 2024
Parliamentary Question by Mr Gan Thiam Poh:

To ask the Prime Minister and Minister for Finance whether the Assurance Package can be enhanced for low-income and vulnerable families so as to provide more monthly assistance to each family member based on the family’s per capita income to help them cope with the higher cost of living.

Parliamentary Reply by Second Minister for Finance, Mr Chee Hong Tat:

The Assurance Package helps all Singaporeans. Some of the measures such as CDC vouchers are given to all Singaporean households. We have designed the Assurance Package so that lower-income families as well as larger households, particularly those with seniors and children, get more support. 

The Assurance Package was most recently enhanced at Budget 2024 by $1.9 billion to provide further assistance to Singaporeans.  

The means-tested schemes in the Assurance Package, comprising cash, MediSave top-ups, additional U-Save and S&CC rebates use one or more of these criteria: individual Assessable Income, Annual Value of residence, HDB flat type, and number of properties owned. Per capita household income is not used to determine the amount received for the schemes under the Assurance Package. However, Singaporeans living in households with lower per capita household income will generally receive more support from the Assurance Package and other Government schemes.  These include families who earn lower incomes or have larger family sizes.

On top of the Assurance Package, lower- and middle-income families benefit from the permanent GST Voucher scheme. In total, a lower-income household with two young children will receive about $5,500 in benefits from the enhanced Assurance Package and the GST Voucher scheme in FY2024. Singaporeans also receive subsidies when they access public goods and services, such as education, healthcare, and housing, with more support provided to families with lower incomes.

The Government understands the concerns of Singaporeans with regard to costs of living. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and regularly review our support measures.