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Parliamentary Replies

Pioneer Generation Package Outreach Efforts

14 Mar 2016
Parliamentary Question by Ms Cheng Li Hui:

To ask the Minister of Finance (a) of the estimated 450,000 persons in the Pioneer Generation group, how many of them have been contacted by the Pioneer Generation Ambassadors (PGAs) so far, (b) how many senior citizens are not included in the Pioneer Generation Package; and (c) whether the PGAs can be tasked to reach out to them as well to help them understand MediShield Life.

Reply by Senior Minister of State for Finance Sim Ann:

The Pioneer Generation Ambassadors (PGA) Programme was created in August 2014. PGAs, who are volunteers, carry out personalised outreach to Pioneers and their caregivers to explain the benefits of the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP). Since July 2015, PGAs have also been engaging Pioneers and their families to share with them details on MediShield Life (MSHL) and related support measures such as MSHL PG subsidies and MediSave top-ups. 

As at end February 2016, 3,000 PGAs have successfully visited 240,000 Pioneers (or about 6 in 10 Pioneers) and their caregivers in their homes. The PGA Programme has made significant progress since its launch given that this form of outreach is very resource-intensive and personalised. Our PGAs will continue to try and reach out to the remaining Pioneers to explain the benefits of both PGP and MSHL.

The PGA Programme complements our other mass communications efforts, including print advertorials, TV interstitials and videos. These collective efforts have helped to raise awareness of the PGP and MSHL amongst Pioneers and their caregivers, and provided them assurance that their healthcare costs would be affordable to their families. Based on MCI’s survey conducted in August 2015, 96% of Pioneers were aware of the PGP and 87% felt assured that their healthcare costs would be significantly more affordable.

Pioneers, who are aged 67 and above this year, make up about 65% of Singaporeans aged 60 and above[1]. While the PGA Programme is focused on Pioneers, MOH has been reaching out to all Singaporeans on MSHL through mass media publicity efforts and extensive engagement and outreach sessions with community partners, such as People’s Association and grassroots organisations. To date, MOH has reached out to over 32,000 Singaporeans through more than 100 broad-based dialogues, roadshows and community events, including individualised financial counseling sessions. MOH will continue its public education efforts on MSHL to all Singaporeans.


[1] Based on data from the Department of Statistics (DOS), there are 670,200 Singaporeans aged 60 and above as at June 2015. Data from the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) showed that there are about 434,000 Pioneers as at Dec 2015.