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Various Support Schemes for Seniors

11 Sep 2018

Various Support Schemes for Seniors (LHZB, Forum, Pg 10)

We refer to the two recent letters regarding the Pioneer Generation Package  (“确保少数国人获得建国一代配套”,25 Aug) and  (“被忽略的建国一代”,7 Sep).

The Pioneer Generation Package was created to recognise and honour Singapore’s Pioneer Generation. We recognise that there are some Singaporeans who may fall outside of the citizenship cut-off date for the Package. Citizens who marginally miss out on the citizenship criterion, but have good claims to be counted among the Pioneer Generation, can appeal for the Pioneer Generation Package.

The Government acknowledges and appreciates the contributions that Singaporeans have made to nation-building. Besides the Pioneer Generation Package, there are many support schemes for seniors, including:

  • MediSave top-ups: Singapore citizens born in 1959 or earlier, and who are not eligible for the Pioneer Generation Package, will receive MediSave top-ups of up to $200 a year from 2014 to 2018 to help with medical bills.

  • MediShield Life premium subsidies: Lower- to middle-income households will receive premium subsidies for better lifelong protection against large hospitalisation bills and reduced out-of-pocket expenses. Additional premium support will be provided to needy Singaporean families who are unable to afford MediShield Life premiums even after subsidies.

  • CHAS: Citizens from lower to middle-income households will receive subsidies for medical and dental care at participating General Practitioners (GPs) and dental clinics near their homes.

  • ST Voucher – Cash, MediSave and U-Save: Provides assistance for the less well-off with their cost of living.

  • Silver Support Scheme: Complements the above schemes to provide a safety net to the bottom 20% of the elderly, who have had low incomes through life and little family support.

We welcome the feedback given. Thank you.