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Report notes where public sector has fallen short

09 Dec 2020

My colleagues and I thank Mr Han Fook Kwang for his suggestions on the Singapore Public Sector Outcomes Review (Spor) 2020, (Singapore's successes and failures: Retuning the talk, Dec 5).

The report provides a perspective on how the public sector and Singapore have fared across a broad range of areas.

It talks about achievements, certainly. But it also notes where we have fallen short (such as the rise in scams and Internet-related crimes) and areas we need to continue to work on (such as income inequality, tackling chronic diseases and the need to address e-waste, food waste and packaging waste). This has been our intent since the first Spor in 2010.

I thank Mr Han for his feedback and we will certainly bear it in mind for future Spor reports.

A sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo has always driven the quest for improvement in the public service.

We share this sense with our fellow citizens, whom we hope will continue to work with us and help us do better.

Tan Ching Yee

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Finance