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Petrol tax can help to fund government support measures

12 Mar 2022

汽油税可资助 政府援助计划





与此同时,我们正在采取行动,加强能源供应的韧性。政府会密切留意汽油价格,以确保在全球油价上升之际,汽油公司不会出现反竞争行为。消费者也可以在购买前使用新加坡消费者协会的“Fuel Kaki”应用来比较零售汽油价格。




Farah Abdul Rahim


We thank Mr Su Shih-Peng for his letter (“请考虑暂停征收汽油税缓解生活费压力”, Mar 8).

The Government understands that cost pressures on both businesses and households have increased due to the recent rise in global energy prices since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This could have an impact beyond fuel, to possibly electricity and food.

Pump prices are primarily driven by market forces, and may continue to rise if supply constraints persist.

Fuel duties help to provide the Government with revenue to roll out support schemes that benefit a broader spectrum of society beyond drivers and target more help to those who need it more. One example is the Household Support Package in Budget 2022.

At the same time, we are taking actions to enhance the resilience of our energy supplies. The Government will keep a close watch on pump prices to make sure that there is no anti-competitive behaviour among oil companies as global oil prices rise. Consumers may also make use of the Consumers Association of Singapore’s Fuel Kaki app to compare retail pump prices before their purchase.

We are monitoring the external situation, and the risks for our economy closely. As Minister for Finance Mr Lawrence Wong outlined in his wrap-up speech in Parliament on 2 March 2022, the Government will not hesitate to take further action to protect jobs and help households as well as businesses, if the situation worsens.

Ms Farah Abdul Rahim

Director, Communications and Engagement

Ministry of Finance