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U-Save and S&CC Rebates to Help Lower Income Households - Co-Owners of Private Properties are Ineligible

07 Oct 2008

Mr Chen Han Long ("Why executive HDBs did not receive rebates", LHZB, 25th Sep 08) questioned why being a co-owner of a private apartment with his son and daughter-in-law would render him ineligible for U-Save and S&CC rebates for his existing executive HDB flat.

Singaporean households who do not own or have any interest in private residential property, commercial and industrial property are eligible for U-Save and S&CC rebates. This eligibility criterion serves as a proxy for a household's wealth (including family support), as the rebates are aimed at helping households that are less well off to cope with living expenses. We are happy for Mr Chen that he has a supportive family, and he is more fortunate than some other Singaporeans.

We also take note of Mr Chen's useful point that the eligibility criteria for U-Save and S&CC rebates may not have been well publicized in the past. Going forward, we will make the eligibility criteria more prominent. Households can find details of the eligibility criteria on MOF's website. We would like to thank Mr Chen for his feedback.