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Tax shows each drop is precious

29 Sep 2007

I refer to the letter by Madam Thangammal B, "PUB conservation surcharge of 30 per cent is 'ridiculous'" (Sept 24). She suggested imposing the water conservation tax only on consumption exceeding a certain volume.

The tax is levied from the very first cubic metre of water to reinforce the message that every drop is precious and to encourage consumers to conserve water. To discourage excessive usage, a higher tax is imposed on usage exceeding 40 cu m a month.

To enhance our self-sufficiency in water supply, we will continue to look into alternative and diversified sources for Singapore. Great efforts have been directed at research and development seeking new technologies that could reduce the cost of water supply. We will continue to work with the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources to monitor and review water tariffs and the water conservation tax.