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Public Officers Governed By Code of Conduct and Discipline

27 Aug 2012

MR CHARLES Tan asked whether public sector procurement officers are required to adhere to any code of conduct ("Is there a code of conduct for procurement officers?"; Forum Online, last Thursday).

All public officers are governed by a clear code of conduct and discipline that requires that there be no conflict of interest between an officer's public duties and his activities outside these official duties.

For example, a public officer may not, directly or indirectly, make use of any official information or his official position to further anyone's private interest, including his own.

Public officers have also to decline any gift or benefits they are offered in the course of their work.

If the circumstances are such that it would be impractical or inappropriate to refuse a gift, the officer must immediately declare the gift to his supervisor.

These rules also apply to invitations or entertainment which will place the officer under any real or apparent obligation to those offering such benefits.

In any procurement, any officer who is vested with the power to be an approving authority is required to declare any potential conflict of interest and, if necessary, withdraw from the procurement process.

Lim Bee Khim (Ms)
Corporate Communications
Ministry of Finance