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Speech by Mr Raymond Lim, 2nd Minister For Finance, at The Launch of The Finance Alumni Network on Monday, 18 October 2004 at 6.15 pm, Fullerton Hotel

19 Oct 2004

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am happy to see so many MOF alumni gathered here this evening for the launch of the Alumni network. We are setting up the Finance Alumni Network - FAN in short - as an informal network for people like yourselves who have previously worked in MOF HQ but have since moved on to different careers in the public sector, private sector or people sector. Some have left and returned in a different capacity like our MOS Mrs Lim Hwee Hua who is present this evening.

2 You are a special group of people who have a good background understanding of the challenges facing Singapore, know the workings of government; and appreciate the social, political and economic sensitivities confronting us. We see you, therefore, as being in a unique position to provide views and perspectives on MOF policies, grounded in reality, while we provide you a network of alumni contacts and keep you in touch with what is going on today in MOF.

3 The Finance Alumni Network will thrive only if it is useful to you. It is important therefore that even as we seek your views and insights on issues of the day, you should be giving us inputs on what kinds of activities FAN should offer you and how we can grow and sustain the network.

4 We hope that FAN will be a strong network, fostering ever closer ties among the alumni and building up relationships between past and current MOF officers. The idea is to keep in touch, stay up to date, join together in helping build a great Singapore for Singaporeans through finance.

5 It is fitting that we launch our alumni network here at the Fullerton. Many of you may know that it was under this roof that the Ministry of Finance first started, sharing its premises with the General Post Office and the Post Office Savings Bank. Some of you may even recall that it was in this building that the Inland Revenue Department used to operate its Collection Centre, drawing steady streams of taxpayers to this building, and in the process generating business for the Boat Quay hawkers along the Singapore River.

6 Today, after more than 30 years, we gather at the Fullerton to launch the Finance Alumni Network. There is a place for nostalgia, but even more we launch FAN as an enterprise to collect the past, join with the present, and build for the future. Thank you again for coming. Enjoy the company. Spread the word to others who had once served in MOF HQ. Stay in touch.

7 I wish you a pleasant evening ahead. Thank you.