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Statement On Dr Thum Ping Tjins Appeal To The Minister Against The Registrar Of Companies Refusal To Reserve OSEA Pte Ltd For A Proposed Company

28 Sep 2018

1.     On 9 May 2018, the Ministry of Finance received an appeal from Dr Thum Ping Tjin against the Registrar of Companies’ refusal to approve an application to reserve the name “OSEA Pte Ltd” for registration of a proposed company.


2.     The Minister for Finance has carefully considered the written representations submitted by Dr Thum and the Registrar’s reasons for rejecting Dr Thum’s application. The Minister takes the view that it was proper and correct for the Registrar to refuse Dr Thum’s application, on the ground that it is contrary to the national interest for the proposed company to be registered.

3.     The Ministry of Finance informed Dr Thum and the Registrar of Companies of the Minister’s decision to dismiss the appeal today. A copy is at the Annex (icon_pdf478 KB).

Issued by Ministry of Finance


28 September 2018