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Sign Up For Progress Package By 31 December 2006

22 Dec 2006

Singaporeans who have not signed up for their Progress Package have one more week to sign up before the deadline of 31 December 2006. If they do not sign up by 31 December 2006, they will not be eligible to receive their Progress Package, including the second portion of the Workfare Bonus in 2007 if they qualify for it.

2. As at 15 December 2006, 2.2 million Singaporeans or 97% of the 2.3 million who qualify, have signed up to receive their Progress Package.

Sign-Up Via Internet or Forms

3. The easiest way for Singaporeans to sign up for the Progress Package is through the Progress Package website at As they would have received a reminder letter from CPFB in November 2006, they can use the one-time PIN in their reminder letter to log on and indicate the bank account they wish to have their Progress Package credited to.

4. Alternatively, they can submit form PP/1, which is available at any SingPost office, Community Centre/Club, Community Development Council or CPF Service Centre, to indicate if they prefer their Progress Package to be credited to their bank account or to receive a cheque. Singaporeans who wish to sign up this way should do so early to avoid a last minute rush. The form should reach CPF Board no later than 31 December 2006.

5 The Ministry of Finance acknowledges the help of grassroots leaders who have reached out to lower income Singaporeans to help them sign up for the Progress Package. Over the last 3 months alone, grassroots leaders have visited more than 12,000 Singaporeans in 1 to 3 room flats, who could benefit from the Progress Package.

Public Enquiries

6. For more information on the Progress Package, the public can visit the Progress Package website at or call the CPF Board at 1800-2222-888.