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Give Your Views On The Proposal For A Unique Establishment Identifier (UEI) In Singapore

02 Dec 2005

The Ministry of Finance invites members of the public to give their views on the proposal for a unique identification number for establishments in Singapore. This identifier will be known as the Unique Establishment Identifier (UEI). Establishments in Singapore to be issued with a UEI may include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, companies, firms, or any bodies of persons (such as representative offices, charities, clubs, associations, societies, non-profit organisations etc) registered with or licensed by a public agency in Singapore.

2. Currently, establishments have to use different identification numbers when interacting with different public sector agencies. The more commonly used identifiers include the ACRA number issued by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority to registered companies, businesses and LLPs, the ROS number issued by Registry of Societies to registered societies, the Central Registration (CR) number issued by the Department of Statistics to survey establishments, and the CPF employer number issued by the Central Provident Fund Board to all employers.

3. Having a Unique Establishment Identifier (UEI) for establishments in Singapore, similar to the NRIC number for individuals, will reduce the number of identifiers that establishments have to use. A UEI will also make interactions with the Government simpler, faster and easier. Basic non-confidential information on establishments can be shared more effectively across public sector agencies to enable the delivery of better and more personalised services.

4. Public sector agencies will use the UEI to replace their own identifiers to identify and interact with establishments. However, it is anticipated that the adoption of UEI for customer interactions will be phased in. Private and social sectors agencies may also use the UEI to identify and interact with other establishments that have been issued with UEIs. Conversion tools that map the UEI to existing identifiers will be provided to public, private and social sector agencies to facilitate the transition to UEI.

5. The consultation paper is published in the government's consultation portal at, as well as at MOF's website. Respondents may send their comments to MOF in the prescribed template via email, fax or post.

6. The consultation exercise is open for 6 weeks from 3 December 2005 to 13 January 2006.