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Parliamentary Replies

Vulnerable Group Members Hired in Government Project Tenders with 'Set Aside' Clauses

10 May 2023

Parliamentary Question by Miss Rachel Ong:

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance (a) what is the number of people from vulnerable groups that have been hired due to Government project tenders containing "set aside" clauses to hire vulnerable people groups in the last ten years; (b) what percentage of the vulnerable people group hired are people with disabilities; and (c) whether there are plans for more Government tenders to include "set aside" clauses for vulnerable people groups or have a preferred supplier programme for firms with the Enabling Mark.

Parliamentary Reply by Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister for Finance Mr Lawrence Wong:

We do not centrally track the number of people from vulnerable groups that are employed through Government tenders. Nevertheless, government agencies may from time to time procure from organisations that support or hire vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities. For instance, in a tender for contact centre services by the Public Service Division, the awarded contractor was required to hire and reserve at least 10% of the jobs created by the contract for persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

Each agency has the autonomy to decide on including “set aside” clauses for vulnerable groups and having a preferred supplier programme for firms with the Enabling Mark.

The Government adopts other non-procurement measures to facilitate the hiring of people from vulnerable groups. This includes job placement and job support services, as well as grants to support the employability and employment of persons with disabilities. The Ministry of Social and Family Development is also developing Enabling Business Hubs to better enhance employment support and opportunities at the regional level, closer to where persons with disabilities and caregivers live.