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The Straits Times (29 Apr 2023) : $300 Edusave, post-secondary account top-ups in May for students aged 7 to 20

29 Apr 2023

Wallace Woon

SINGAPORE - Some 540,000 Singaporean students aged seven to 20 in 2023 will each receive a one-off top-up of $300 in their Edusave accounts or Post-Secondary Education Accounts (PSEAs) at the end of May.

The Ministry of Education said on Friday that the top-up is part of the enhancements to the Assurance Package, which were announced at Budget 2023.

It is in addition to the Government's annual Edusave contribution and provides families extra support for their children's education-related expenses, such as enrichment programmes.

This year, primary school pupils received $230 each into their Edusave accounts, while secondary school students received $290, as part of the Government's annual contribution.

The top-up will be credited automatically into eligible recipients' Edusave accounts or PSEAs. No action is required from recipients. Their parents will receive a notification via the Singpass app or via SMS when the top-up has been made.

Correction note: In an earlier version of this article, we said primary school pupils currently receive an annual $200 each into their Edusave accounts, while secondary school students receive $240. It should be $230 and $290 respectively. We are sorry for the errors. More On This Topic Over 1,200 students given awards, bursaries for academic excellence and good character $200 top-up for 540,000 young S'poreans in Edusave, PSEA