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Pioneers To Receive $180m In Medisave Top-Ups This Year

13 Jun 2017

Lee Min Kok

A total of $180 million in the form of Medisave top-ups will be disbursed this year as part of the Pioneer Generation (PG) Package.

The Ministry of Finance said yesterday that pioneers will receive letters informing them of the top-ups in the coming week.

The top-up amount ranges from $200 to $800 annually for life.

Those aged 83 and above this year will get the maximum amount of $800, while those aged from 68 to 72 will receive the minimum of $200.

This is the fourth year pioneers are receiving their Medisave top-ups. The top-ups are in addition to the Medisave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 65 and above this year under the GST Voucher Scheme.

For instance, an 85-year-old pioneer who lives in an HDB flat and does not own a second property will receive a total of $1,250 in Medisave top-ups: $800 from the PG Medisave top-up and $450 from the GST Voucher - Medisave.

The top-ups can be used to pay for MediShield Life premiums and other Medisave-approved insurance plans, hospitalisation, day surgery and certain approved outpatient treatments such as renal dialysis and chemotherapy, and treatments for certain chronic diseases.

A total of $190 million was disbursed for Medisave top-ups for pioneers last year, and $202 million the year before.

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.