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More assistance given to families who need greater support

04 Mar 2022





  政府对不同的计划采用一系列的资格条件,同时确保最有需要的家庭得到更多的帮助。在消费税补助券—水电费回扣(GST Voucher-U-Save)方面,我们以组屋类型作为评估家庭经济状况的方式。



  我们也为家庭提供支持,让家庭成员生活在一起,相互照顾和支持。购买转售组屋与父母或子女同住的大家庭,只要符合条件,就可获得3万元的近居购屋津贴(Proximity Housing Grant)。申请新的受津贴组屋,与父母或已婚子女同住的人,可受惠于已婚子女优先计划(Married Child Priority Scheme)。




Farah Abdul Rahim


We thank Mr Xu Ming Ming for his letter (“补助金根据住房大小发放不合理”, Feb 24).

The Government uses a range of eligibility criteria for different schemes, while ensuring that more help goes to households who need it most. For GST Voucher (GSTV) – U-Save, we use HDB flat type as a way to assess a household’s means.

Households living in smaller HDB flats are generally less well-off than those living in larger flats, hence they receive higher rebates to help offset their daily expenses. Those living in 4- and 5-room HDB flats receive $260-$300 in GSTV – U-Save every year. The quantum of rebates will double under the Household Support Package for the remaining quarters of this year.

There are other measures that are not differentiated by flat type. All children aged 20 years and below this year will receive $200 to their education-related accounts. All Singaporean households will also receive another set of $100 CDC Vouchers. The Assurance Package for GST also provides support for all Singaporeans, including cash and a total of $400 in CDC Vouchers in 2023 and 2024.

We also provide support for families to live with each other for mutual care and support. Eligible extended families can receive a Proximity Housing Grant of $30,000 when buying a resale flat to live with their parents/child. Those applying for a new subsidised HDB flat together to live with their parents/married child may qualify for the Married Child Priority Scheme.

Across various schemes, there is support available for the middle-income as well as larger families. Those with unique needs and who require additional assistance may approach a Social Service Office (locate the nearest SSO at

The Government is committed to building a fair and inclusive society. We will continue to review the overall system of social support measures to ensure that targeted assistance reaches those who need it most.


Ms Farah Abdul Rahim

Director, Communications and Engagement

Ministry of Finance