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Government helps Singaporeans cope with cost of living

17 Feb 2022





政府已经准备了一笔60亿元的“定心与援助配套”(Assurance Package),能在五到10年的过渡期内,有效延缓消费税调高所带来的影响。这个配套将援助全体新加坡人,而不单是低收入者。



Ms Farah Abdul Rahim



We refer to the comments from LHZB’s readers on 12 Feb 2022.

We understand the concerns and would like to share with your readers what the Government will do when the GST is raised.

The Government has set aside a $6 billion for an Assurance Package, which will effectively delay the impact of the GST increase beyond the transition period, which will be about 5 to 10 years. This package will provide assistance to all Singaporeans, not just for the lower-income.

In addition, we are giving permanent assistance in the form of the GST Voucher, so that lower- to middle-income households receive continuing support.

The Government already absorbs GST on publicly-subsidised healthcare and education, and will continue to do so.

The revenue from our taxes (including the GST increase) is channelled to support Singaporeans’ healthcare and other needs.

Ms Farah Abdul Rahim

Director, Communications and Engagement

Ministry of Finance