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Easy ways to donate govt payouts to the needy

12 May 2022

We thank Ms Suzy F.H.T. Egan for her letter and suggestions (Is there a way to share rebates with others?, May 6).

Individuals who do not require their government payouts are encouraged to donate them (or the cash equivalent) to those with greater needs. There are convenient ways to do so, for example, through platforms such as

For the upcoming December cash payouts under the Assurance Package for goods and services tax, the Government will facilitate requests from individuals for their payouts to be channelled to a charity of choice, through an online portal. More details will be available in the latter half of this year.

We would like to reassure Ms Egan that needy families are provided with means-tested support, to ensure that those with greater needs receive more help.

For example, the Home Caregiving Grant provides a monthly cash payout for eligible beneficiaries with permanent moderate disability. As recommended in the White Paper on Singapore Women's Development, this grant's monthly payout will be enhanced next year from the current $200 to up to $400. This will help to defray caregiving expenses, adding to other forms of support such as CareShield Life.

We will continue to review our social schemes to ensure that those with greater needs continue to receive the appropriate level of support.


Farah Abdul Rahim

Director, Communications and Engagement

Ministry of Finance