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Sign-up procedures for GST credits have been simplified

06 Jan 2009

Mr Chen Wen (''Need to simplify the procedure for Singaporeans to receive their GST credits'', SMDN, 23rd Dec 08) suggested that the authorities provide a list of citizens who have yet to sign up for the GST Credits to the CDCs and Grassroots to reach out to them. Mr Chen also asked why Singaporeans had to sign up for the GST Credits before receiving it.

The GST Credits sign up has reached 97% to date. In addition to reminder letters from CPF Board, MOF also issues press releases regularly to remind the public to sign up. Special efforts have been directed at the more vulnerable groups. Since 2007, grassroots leaders are already actively engaged in outreach efforts by visiting the homes of elderly and low-income Singaporeans who have yet to sign up for the GST Credits to help them sign up for their GST Credits.

Signing up to receive the GST Credits is necessary. Firstly, there could be those who have recently passed away or moved overseas permanently, but whose official records with the Government have yet to be updated. Secondly, for their Credits to be delivered quickly and correctly, an indication needs to be made on how the payout should be delivered, whether through direct crediting into bank accounts or by cheque, and for the details of the bank account or address to be validated. At the point of sign-up Singaporeans can also choose to donate their payouts to charity.

We have attempted to keep the sign-up process as simple as possible. Hence eligible Singaporeans need only sign up once to receive all four years' worth of GST Credits/Senior Citizens Bonuses.