Budget Quiz 2021

  1. Singapore has committed close to ___ of support measures in FY2020 to deal with COVID-19.
  2. * Which facility will be integrated with the upcoming Tuas Nexus Integrated Waste Management Facility?
  3. * Which are the three Cs that the Government has helped to support businesses with in responding to COVID-19?
  4. Based on the Department of Statistics’ Key Household Income Trends (KHIT) Report, what is the Gini Coefficient before taxes and transfers in 2019?
  5. * The Solidarity Utilities Credit is a one-off utilities credit of $_____ given to Singaporean households residing in ______, to thank Singaporeans for doing their part by staying at home during the Circuit Breaker period.  
  6. The Silver Support scheme provides additional support to elderly Singaporeans who had low incomes during their working years and currently have little or no family support. What is the application process for Silver Support?
  7. Which of the following is one of the Alliances for Action launched in 2020?
  8. How many full-time undergraduates and diploma students are expected to benefit from the enhanced Government bursaries from Academic Year 2020?