Budget Quiz 2021

  1. * What is the maximum amount of rebates that an Electric Vehicle (EV) buyer can potentially receive from Jan 2021?
  2. For Budget 2021, the Revised and Budgeted FY refers to:
  3. How much in SingapoRediscovers vouchers has each Singapore citizen aged 18 and above received to rediscover our city and support local tourism businesses?
  4. How many full-time undergraduates and diploma students are expected to benefit from the enhanced Government bursaries from Academic Year 2020?
  5. * Under the progressive property tax structure for owner-occupied residential properties, the first _______ of annual value is exempt from property tax.
  6. The Ministry of Health's budget is expected to almost _____ from $3.9 billion in FY2011 to _____ in FY2019.
  7. * Which payment mode is usually the fastest way to receive broad-based Government payouts?
  8. * What does a progressive tax system mean?