Budget Quiz 2021

  1. Singapore has committed close to ___ of support measures in FY2020 to deal with COVID-19.
  2. How many full-time undergraduates and diploma students are expected to benefit from the enhanced Government bursaries from Academic Year 2020?
  3. * The Solidarity Utilities Credit is a one-off utilities credit of $_____ given to Singaporean households residing in ______, to thank Singaporeans for doing their part by staying at home during the Circuit Breaker period.  
  4. * ComCare programmes provide social assistance to low-income Singaporean individuals and families. Which of these is NOT a ComCare programme?
  5. * SGSecure is Singapore’s community response to the threat of terrorism. SGSecure focuses on three core actions that every one of us can do in the fight against terrorism. Which of the following is NOT a core action of SGSecure?  
  6. How much in SingapoRediscovers vouchers has each Singapore citizen aged 18 and above received to rediscover our city and support local tourism businesses?
  7. The Singapore Government strives to maintain a balanced budget over each term of government. What does this mean?
  8. Parents of Singaporean children born between 1 Oct 2020 and ________ can get a one-off Baby Support Grant of _____ to help them defray the cost of raising a child amid the coronavirus pandemic.