Smart and Sustainable Living Environment

Singapore is one of the world's greenest and most livable cities.

We continue to enjoy affordable and accessible public housing and our towns are becoming smart and sustainable through features such as smart utility meters and lights and more green spaces. New growth centres will bring jobs closer to home, our transport network is convenient, reliable, and accessible, and we are progressing well to realise the goal of 20-minute towns within a 45-minute city. To future-proof our city against climate change, progress is being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen our coastal and flood defences, and build up resource resilience.

Read more on housing and amenities, transport, and environment and sustainability in the programme highlights below.

Ranked 25th out of 231 cities in Mercer's Quality of Living Survey in 2019
Over 90% of HDB dwellers own their home
Commuter satisfaction has remained high over the years
7 in 10 households are within a 10-minute walk from a train station
Water consumption has been reduced over the past five years to 141 litres per person per day
Our food is imported from over 170 countries and regions