Safeguarding our Way of Life

Protecting Singapore against external and internal threats remains key to safeguarding our way of life. We have strengthened our defence capabilities, particularly in digital defence, while building stronger diplomatic ties with partners. The SAF is operationally ready and the Home Team works with Singaporeans to keep our neighbourhoods safe.

Our legal frameworks have been strengthened and updated, enhancing protection for vulnerable members of society. Singaporeans also have greater access to improved, digital government services and the Singapore Together movement was launched, encouraging all to shape Singapore’s policies and environment together.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the resilience and spirit of our country. Individuals, households, businesses, and the community stepped forward to partner the Government and one another to assist those in need. This review has dedicated a special section to their efforts here.

Read more on areas such as external and homeland security, government and regulations, and Singapore Together in the programme highlights below.

Public confidence in the SAF has remained high and stable at 87% in 2019
1st in Gallup's Global Law & Order Index
Singapore's legal framework was ranked 2nd in IMD's World Competitiveness Yearbook
Ranked 1st in government effectiveness by the World Bank
86% of citizens and 77% of businesses are very satisfied with Government e-services
70,000 youths shared their ideas and visions for Singapore in 2025