Curated Budget Reads

How does the Singapore Government manage the national Budget to ensure that Singapore’s current and future needs are addressed, while remaining fiscally sustainable?

In this section, we have curated articles where you can learn about the measures and initiatives that the Singapore Government introduced in past Budgets. 

icon_arrow The Challenges In State Spending

Have you ever wondered how the Singapore Government manages its revenue and expense?

icon_arrow Moving Ahead Together! How Singapore's Budgets Drive Economic Growth

How did Singapore use its past Budgets to tackle industry transformation and economic restructuring?

icon_arrow Injecting More Into Singapore’s Healthcare As We Age

What are we spending our healthcare budget on? From new hospitals to medical subsidies, find out more in this article!

icon_arrow Refreshing Singapore’s Infrastructure For Future Generations

Investing in Singapore’s infrastructure capacity for the future - expect improved public transportation systems, a new airport terminal, and a mega port.

icon_arrow At The Heart Of Singapore's Budgets

As our social needs change, social expenditure has increased over the years. Here’s what we’ve been spending on to build an inclusive and caring society, where everyone can look to the future with optimism.

icon_arrow Supporting Families, Keeping Singapore United

As Singapore undergoes demographic, economic and societal changes, greater demands will be placed on families. Tackling the increasingly complex challenges will require the Government and the community to stay united. To this end, Budget 2018 introduced a range of new and enhanced measures to support families and individuals.